We manufacture 6W-120W All-in-one solar Street Lights

All-in-one design, easy to install.

USA Bridgelux and Taiwan Epistar LED Chip

LiFePO4 bttery, more stable and longer service life.

High Efficiency Solar World and Sunpower Mono-Crystalline Silicon solar panel

Intelligent induction technology reduce light pollution and save energy

 Can control and set the lights via APP on cellphone 

GPS, camera, road indicator can be built in.


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All in one design

Unique Design:  All-in-one Solar Street Light 

  • This integrated solar light puts a solar panel, LED lamp, battery, smart sensor and controller all in one box, simply and artfully.
  • The all-in-one design makes the lights lighter and smaller than the split type of solar street light.
  • This design allows easy installation and shipment.
  • Easy to maintain and replace.

Easy Installation


  • There is no need to wire; everything is integrated in one box. 
  • Very easy to install: just fix the support bracket and tailstock on the light pole.
  • No special pole is required; any cylindrical pillar with a diameter between 50-90mm can be used.


  • Street Lighting
  • Park Lighting
  • Roadway Lighting
  • Fence Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Campus Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Boat Dock Lighting
  • Yard Lighting
  • Remote Area Lighting
  • Sidewalk Lighting
  • Shopping Mall Parking Lighting
  • Private Road Lighting
  • Factory Yard Lighting
  • Roundabout Lighting
  • Ramp Lighting
  • Monument Lighting
  • Farm and Ranch Lighting
  • Wildlife Area Lighting
  • Countryside Projects


4 Smart Functions

Solar Street Light Induction

(1) PIR sensor and Microwave sensor working mode


  • PIR sensor working mode means the solar street lights will work with full power only when the sensor detect people within 10 meters, and turn to lower power if no people detected, this save lots power.
  • Microwave sensor are more sensitive than the PIR sensor. The solar street lights work will full power if detect any move things within 15 meters, unless the light will work with lower power.
  • These features reduce light pollution, save power and at the same time meet the lighting requirements.

(2) Light control working mode


  • During daytime, if the solar street lights detect light, it will automatically turn off.
  • During night time, the solar street lights will automatically turn on if no light detected.
  • With this funciton, no need us to turn on/off the lights manually.
Light control of solar street lights
time control of solar street lights

(3) Time control working mode


  • We can set the solar street lights work with specific power at the specific time.
  • For example, from 7pm–12pm, the light works with 100% power, and the other hours works with 30% power.

(4) Blue tooth APP control function


  • Turn on/off the soalr street lights via APP on cellphones remotely. 
  • Loading operation data of controller and lights
  • Reset needed rainy/cloudy days(3/5/5/10 days), so that the lamp will adjust the corresponding brightness.
  • Recover factory original settings
  • Trouble shooting, display the issue and do maintenance.
Solar street light APP control

3 Protections

Protection grade reaches IP65, with good waterproof and dustproof features.

The mask is made of toughened glass so the lights are vandal proof.

Erosion-resisting aluminum shell ensures the solar street light works well in damp and hydrochloric acid environments.

Main Parts of Solar Street Lights

Sunpower Solar Panel

Solar Panel


  • Monocrystalline solar panel with toughened glass material, antioxidation, corrosion resistance, good tightness, low wear.
  • High conversion rate of 19%-21%. 
  • A long life span of 25 years.

Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery


  • Large capacity and no memory effect.
  • 5-8 year service span. Electricity is maintained up to 80% after 2000 charge/discharge cycles. (Many other lithium batteries last only 3 years.)
  • Works well under high temperatures, with a maximum temperature of 70℃.
  • Safe and environment friendly, meeting RoHS and CE certifications.
LiFePO4 battery for solar street lights

Controller of solar street lights

MPPT Controller 


  • Works well with high-precision, high-efficiency and low power consumption (with a temperature range of 40℃–90 ℃, the failure rate is lower than 0.05%).
  • Efficient pulse width modulation, multi-stage charging and programmable load function.
  • Analyzes the environment and temperature to automatically adjust the charge and discharge modes of solar panels and batteries.
  • Intelligent, energy-saving management provides multiple protection for all components, maximizing extend service life of solar street lights.
  • The controller can expand infrared body sensors, sound controls and remote control functions so you can easily adjust the energy-saving solar light system.

USA Bridgelux and Taiwan Epistar Led Chip


  • Brighter than traditional lamps.
  • Has a wider irradiation range and higher color-rendering index.
  • Light failure is less than 1%.
  • A life span of 50,000 hours. (Many other lamps last fewer than 20,000 hours.
Bridgelux Solar Led Chip

Our 6W~120W Solar Street Lights