This new wind-solar street lamp is based on the original all-in-one solar smart street lamps. There are some areas maybe do not have sufficient solar energy or the temperature is very low in some seasons. The battery will not get enough power from solar energy in this case.
Now we add a wind turbine for the system, the battery can be charged 24 hours even in rainy days and night time. In this way, the lamps will get enough power from the battery during night time.

  • 30W-80W models
  • Support bluetooth APP control function
  • Road indicator is optional
  • 3 year warranty

Project Cases

This solar-wind light is very good choices for the below areas:
*Areas in High latitudes
*Areas with very suficient winds power
*Areas with lots of rainy days but with many winds
*Areas that lack of sunshine, low temperature but with abundant winds power.


Structure of solar wind hybrid light

1. Wind turbine 2. Battery 3. Solar panel 4. Controller 5. Bluetooth module 6. Sensor module   7. Road indicator 8. LED panel 9. Front panel 10. Mounting brackets 11.Operating window cover12. Baffle 13. Screws 14. Support pole 15. Flame 16. Switch

Functions and features

With the ARM32 MCU main control chip, the whole system perfectly combinate the PV generation module, wind turbine module, LED lighting module, and Bluetooth APP control functions together, very smart and better user experience.

how the solar wind light work

1. Wind and solar hybrid power generation, charging and discharging at the same time.
The combination of wind power and solar power improve the charging efficiency, make the lamp have better performance even in long rainny days.
During night, the lamp will get power that generated by wind turbine directly, so the power stored in the battery will not be consumed, which help to offer more autonomy days for the whole system.

2.Brake function for wind turbine
During daytime, once the battery is fully charged, the smart controller will active the brake system, then the wind turbine will stop generating power.

3. Battery heating technology
SW series lamps built in smart controller, if the temperature of the battery is too low, the heating device will automatically activated to ensure the battery work normally.

Battery heating

bluetooth APP control the light

4.Bluetooth APP function
With the bluetooth function,we can control the lamps by cellphone via APP, and the operation data can be read easily.

5.Pathway indicator: Alert the drivers to pay attention by pre-indicating the front road status, especially in rainy or foggy days.


Led Lamp with IP68 PIR Smart Sensor Max Power(12V) 30W 40W 50W 60W 70W 80W
Lumen(LM) 3900-4500 5200-6000 6500-7500 7800-9000 9100-10500 2000-2200
LED Chip Bridgelux LED
Viewing Angle 120°
Life Time 50000 hours
Solar Panel Max Power(18V) 55W 55W 65W 65W 85W 85W
Life Time 25 years
Wind-driven generator 24V 300W, charge the battery, ANTI-LOCK function
Battery Lithium battery 12V 24AH 28.8AH 33.6AH 38.4AH 43.2AH 48AH
Life Time 8 years
Back up time
Working Temperature Range(℃) -40℃ ~ +75℃
Color Temperature Range(k) 3000-6500K is optional
Mounting Height Range(m) 5-7 5-7 6-8 7-9 8-10 9-11
Space Between Lights Range(m) 22-28 22-28 22-28 22-28 22-28 22-28
Product Dimensions (CM) 105x34x5 105x34x5 130×34*5 130x34x5 160x34x5 160x34x5
Packing Dimensions (CM) Lighting and Fan 114*39*25/ 59*38*22 114*39*25/ 59*38*22 141*39*25/ 59*38*22 141*39*25/ 59*38*22 171*39*25/ 59*38*22 171*39*25/ 59*38*22
Main Material Aluminium Alloy
Certificate CE/ROHS/ISO9001/IP65/IK08
Warranty Period 3 Years