On this page, you will see two great solar cameras.
                       A: Solar fisheye Camera Explorer                
                  B: Solar PTZ Dome Cameras                   

A: Solar Fisheye Camera Explorer

This solar fisheye camera combines LED lights and security camera together. With high efficient solar panel and Lithium battery, the whole system can operate very well without connect with grid. It is very good choice for the areas that no electricity but need lighting and monitoring. We can also choose the item come without LED lamp or without camera.


  • City Lighting: Up to be 20W, which is suitable for urban narrow roads and public outdoor leisure places.
  • Road Lighting:Applicable to small streets and residential areas with road width of 8 meters and installation height less than 6 meters.
  • Garden/Home Security:Integrated design of security and lighting. It is recommended that the installation height should not exceed 4 meters. Best for villa and rural courtyard, get the dual care of lighting and security for home.
  • Farm monitoring : with 360 degree wide len camera, it is a good choice for farms.

Main features

  • Solar powered, renewable energy, enviroment friendly.
  • Unique beautiful UFO design.
  • Integrated 360° fisheye CCTV security camera and LED lights.
  • 1/3/4/6 LED lights are optional.
  • Installation height: 3-6 meters according to different models.
  • 4G or WiFi supported.
  • Installation mode: top mounting, side mounting.
  • Audio: Audio output( Only for Audio models).
  • Display mode: 2 display modes optional
  • Video can be downloaded and saved to the mobile phone or computer.
  • Hold to talk: Real-time intercom(Only for audio models).
  • Screenshot: Manual screenshot (screenshots can be downloaded and saved to your phone or computer).

B: Solar PTZ Dome Cameras  

Main features

  • Solar powered PTZ cameras, good for areas no electricity.
  • 24X zoom in/out or fixed lens are optional.
  • 2.5inch and 4.5 inch sizes.
  • It can be integrated with our solar street lights.


Camera features

  • 4G/ WiFi, WiFi coverage is 100 meters.
  • Support  image capture, remote video playback by cellphone and mobile phone and camera intercom.
  • Mobile phone can receive alarm information once recognize faces.
  • Motion detection: send alarm information to mobile phone or email.
  • PTZ rotation and lens zoom: horizontal 0-355 degrees, vertical 0-92 degrees.
  • PTZ automatic cruise.
  • Infrared distance up to 15 meters, white lamp distance up to 10 meters.