Based on the stable electronic circuit of traditional integrated solar street light, this solar light is upgraded on mechanical structure, software and hardware.

*Bidirectional rota-table solar panel, light without mechanical switch.

*Support Bluetooth APP functions, can be controlled by cellphone easily.

*With road LED indicator, offers a good penetrability even in the thunderstorm, foggy bad weather, effectively prevent the drivers from traffic accidents by indicating the front road status.

*5 years warranty is offered.

Project Cases


G01 structure 04

1.Solar panel        2. Pathway LED indicator        3. Microwave sensor     4. MPPT Controller    5. LED source      6. Lithium battery     7. Horizontal bracket     8.Vertical bracket


G01 series are manufactured with the exclusive private mold, the material of frame is Aluminium alloy (6063-T5).

Function Characteristics

Solar Panel change directions

1. Solar panel can be rotated 360° horizontally and 240° vertically, which will increase the photo-electronic conversion maximum in different areas.


2.The integrated bat-wing lens offers excellent light transmittance and also durable to resist damage.

3. Pathway LED Indicator
During nighttime, the pathway LED indicator will be turned on with the street light simultaneously, and could be served for pathway guidance and traffic warning by emitting a red rhythmic light, the red light offers a good penetrability even in the thunderstorm, foggy bad weather, effectively prevent the drivers from traffic accidents by indicating the front road status.

Bluetooth APP functions control the solar street lights

4. With the smart MPPT controller designed by our R&D team, the solar lamps can be remotely controlled and monitor by mobile APP on smart phone.

  • Turn on/off the lamp
  • Enable to reset needed rainy/cloud backup days (3/5/7 days), so that the lamp will adjust the brightness to meet the requirement.
  • Failure analysis: detect and diagnose faults.
  • Reset needed lamp lighting on postpone time.
  • Loading controller operation data and display on APP page.
  • Enable to recover factory original settings once incorrectly set programs.

5. Microwave sensor
Use advanced Microwave sensor technology, more sensitive and optimize brightness automatically. Max sensing distance is 12m. The build-in Microwave sensor can automatically regulate brightness by identify moving object around, increasing brightness when object approaches and decrease after object leaves about 20-30s (can be customized). This fluctuation of lighting intensity could preserves solar energy effectively.



Model G01-50W G01-60W G01-70W G01-80W
LED power 50W 60W 70W 80W
Solar panel 90W 90W 110W 1100W
Battery capacity 400WH 533WH 666WH 799WH
Controller Smart MPPT controller, support Bluetooth APP functions.
Charge time 6-8 hours
Operating temperature -30C°~60C°
Sensing distance
LED beads 60 (SMD-3535
Lumen 6500-6600 7800-7900 9100-9200 10400-10500
Light distribution Bat wing
Color temperature 3000-6500K is optional
Material of frame Aluminium alloy (6063-T5)
Light body size 74*34*34cm
Solar panel size 86*67*3cm 86*67*3cm 104*67*3cm 104*67*3cm
Net weight 23.5KG 24KG 26KG 27KG
Advised installation height 6-8 meters 7-9 meters 7-9 meters 8-10 meters
Carton size of lamp 82*43*44cm
Carton size of panel 90*75*8cm 90*73*8cm 108*72*8cm 108*72*8cm
Gross weight 27KG 28KG 30KG 31KG
20′ GP/40′ GP 200 sets/450sets