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Why Choose Us?

  • Our R&D team with more than 5 years of experience in the power storage field, products are designed very reliably and advanced.
  • Products are very popular in Europe, North America and Japan.
  • Products according to CE, RoHS, FCC, SAA and PSE requirements.
  • Reasonable prices are offered to ensure your margin.
  • OEM and ODM are available, you can have your own brand.
  • Productions according to very strict quality control rules. 
  • Delivery time is guaranteed, no worry about the delay shipping.
  • Videos, photos, catalogs will be provided to help you with marketing.
  • High efficient communication is always being offered to support you.

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What are our clients saying about our portable power stations?

These generators sell very well, soon I will place a repeat order, come with my own brand, get some portable solar panels as well.

Daniel Thor

The power stations are amazing! I have put the photos on our website and already got some orders already. Thanks for your supports.

Thomas Steve

The generators arrived in good condition. I believe they will sell very well and help a lot of people after the earthquake.

Tsunehisa Tsurukame

The portable power suppliers have big potential here, we will distribute them to all of our stores, and will take some samples attend exhibitions.

J. Fischer

What kinds of portable generators we offer?



  • Top A grade lithium battery, more than 600 deep circles, longer life span.
  • With Multiple AC, DC, USB outputs, can power many electronics.
  • Can be charged via wall socket, cigarette lighter and solar panel.
  • Models from 80W-400W is available to meet different clients’ demand.
  • With MPPT controller, the potable generators have higher charging efficiency.
  • With surge protections.
  • Over charging and over discharging protections are supported.
  • Portable and attractive designs.
  • Foldable solar panels matched with our generators can be offered.
  • Particular carry bags and packages can be customized. 


80W portable power station

GES-TP80  80W

GES-TP81  80W

GES-TP100A  100W

GES-100TP100B 100W

GES-TP300  300W

GES-TP400  400W

Capacity 74Wh 20000mAh,3.7V 74Wh 20000mAh,3.7V 148Wh 40000mAh,3.7V 222Wh 60000mAh,3.7V 330Wh 90000mAh,3.7V 444Wh 120000mAh,3.7V
Rated Power 80W 80W 100W 100W 300W 400W
Surge Power 150W 120W 150W 150W 450W 600W
AC 100V~240V Outlet 1x 1x 1x 2x 1x 2x
DC Output Port / 1x 2x 1x 2x 2x+1x12V Car Port
USB-A Output Port 2x+1xQC 3.0 2x+2xQC 3.0 2x+1xQC 3.0 1x+1xQC 3.0 4x 3x+1xQC 3.0
USB-C Output Port / 1x 18W PD 1x 1x / 1x 18W PD+1x 30W PD
Input Recharging Adapter:DC19V/1.5A
Solar panel: 12V-22V,1.5A Max
Solar panel: 15V-25V,1.2A Max
Solar panel: 16.6V-25V,1.5A Max
Solar panel: 16.6V-25V,1.5A Max
Solar panel: 13V-22V, 4.5A Max
Solar panel: 12.5V-24V, 6A Max
Recharging Ways Wall outlet/solar panel/ 12V cigarette lighter socket Wall outlet/solar panel/ 12V cigarette lighter socket
(A booster converter is required)
Wall outlet/solar panel/ 12V cigarette lighter socket
Fully charged time from wall charger 5-6 hours 5-6 hours 7-8 hours 7-8 hours 6-7 hours 8-9 hours
Weight 1.5lbs (0.67kgs) 1.9lbs (0.88kgs) 3.7lbs (1.64kgs) 5.5lbs (2.5kgs) 7.7lbs (3.5kgs) 11.5lbs (5.2kgs)
Dimensions 160*60*80mm 145*77*105mm 210*90*190mm 270*120*150mm 288*130*130mm 316*133*207mm

3 ways to charge

charging solar power generator

  • Charging from AC 110V/220V wall socket
  • Use GES 50W-100W solar panel to get the power bank recharged by solar.
  • Charging from 12V/24V car cigarette socket.

How we control quality?

1. Each production process is in charged by one particular staff, so that the workers have very clear responsibilities and work more carefully.
2. Each production process has a standard operation, which has been printed and attached on every work station, the workers must follow the criterion.
3. All materials including invertor, controller, battery and other parts, must do full inspections before production.
4. QC department must do sampling inspection for semi-finished products during production.
5. All finished products must do 48 hours aging tests.
6. QC department must inspect at least 30% for the finished products.

Quality control of portable power station

Why add our portable power stations to your product lines?

A portable generator also called a portable power station, the compact design makes it easy to carry. With built-in AC sockets and DC, USB outs, our portable power stations can support many devices. What’s more, these items can be charged by AC wall socket, car and solar panel, they have already helped many clients solved their backup power storage problems.

You have too many reasons to add portable generators to your product lines. They absolutely will bring many benefits to your customers and boom your business.

You are selling consumer electronics

If you are selling consumer electronics like car refrigerators, fans, iron, juicer and so on, our portable generators will be great partners of your exsiting products. Our power station is designed to support USB, DC and AC outputs. When there is a power outage, our portable power suppliers can power the small applliance for hours. In the area no electricity, this Portable Solar Power Bank can charge by solar during daytime. 

portable power staions

You are selling outdoor equipment

If your customers are people who are keen on outdoor sports, then our portable generators can perfectly match your customer group. It ’s bad if the equipment doesn’t have enough electricity. Our multi-function solar generator can charge the cellphones, electric blanket, laptop, Ipad, drones, cameras for several times. It’s a very good choice if you can offer this device to your clients.

outdoor activity

There is natural disasters in your area

If there are frequent natural disasters such as hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes in your area, you can also add our small system to your product list. Because once these disasters occur, power is often interrupted, and our small energy storage system can supply power to lighting equipment, emergency rescue and communication equipment.

use solar power station for Rescue

Business related with caravan & motorhome

If you are engaged in the RV and convertible industry, then adding our power stations to your products will definitely be the icing on the cake for you.
Our small system can not only supply power to small appliances and electronic products, but also work well for various power tools like electric wrench, wheel jack, cacuum, car wash and air inflating. And they can be charged by solar panels, which is an indispensable equipment for those who love motorhome travel.

Portable generator with tools