On the principle of eco-friendly and intelligent application, this integrated solar LED street light was born to solve the problem of high-expense electricity or lacking electricity in some areas, by using the solar power energy.

  • Artistic super-thin body design, only 26mm thickness.
  • With detachable battery storeroom, very easy to replace the battery.
  • With artistic RGB indicator, it can remind the driver in the foggy weather.
  • Support Bluetooth APP functions, easy to operate and control the lights.
  • No any cable working, easy to install.

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made by imhunk


Installation Project Cases


Structure of new solar street lights

solar street lights


solar street lights

01. Pathway indicator: Alert the drivers to pay attention by pre-indicating the front road status, especially in rainy or foggy days.

PIR sensor

02. PIR sensor: Check if somebody under the light through human infrared sensor, and adjust the brightness accordingly. Save lots of power and meet the lighting requirements at the same time.


03. APP control: Completely controlled by bluetooth APP, including turn on/off the light, read the light data and so on.

Battery replace

04. Detachable battery storeroom: Easier to replace the battery or controller, no need to disassemble the light.

Compared with LED street light

Compared with other solar street light

1. Supplied by solar power energy, eco-friendly and no electricity charges;

2. DC12V power supply system, more safety than commercial electricity;

3. Easier installation, no buried cable;

4. Lower maintenance cost, all the problems will be found on smartphone APP;

5. All the lights are independent, won’t affect each other if any problems occur;

6. Time control and light control, will automatically turn on/off according to the real-time environment, and can set lighting time in different periods.

1. Self-designed and self-developed, exclusive private mold;
2. All the components, such as solar panel, battery packing and controller, are entirely produced and tested by our workshop, which makes the quality control better;
3. All the lights will be under aging test for 72 hours to guarantee the quality before shipping;
4. Patent bluetooth APP, can turn on/off the light, read the data, troubleshooting and so on;
5. With detachable battery storeroom, easier to replace the battery or controller, no need to disassemble the light;

6. With road indicator;
7. We provide 5 years warranty.


LED Lamp (with IP68 PIR sensor) Max power(12V) 30W 40W 50W 60W 70W 80W
Lumen 3500-5000 4500-6000 5500-7000 6500-8000 7500-9000 8500-10000
LED chip Bridgelux Made in USA
Color temperature 2700K~6500K is optional
Viewing angle 120 °
Life time 50000 hours
Solar panel Max Power(18V) 45W 55W 65W 75W 85W 95W
Type High Efficiency Mono-Crystalline Silicon
Life time 25 years
Battery Lithium battery (11.1V) 259.7WH 317.4WH 346.3WH 404WH 461.8WH 519.5WH
Life span 8-10 Years
Back up time 3-5 rainy days
Working Temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Mounting Height (meters) 4-6 5-7 6-8 7-9 8-10 9-11
Space Between Lights (meters) 12-18 15-21 18-24 21-27 24-30 27-33
Product Dimensions(MM) 925*360*270 1105*360*270 1250*360*270 1430*360*270 1575*360*270 1755*360*270
Main materials Aluminium Alloy
Warranty 5 years