• This unique, compact, easy-to-install solar street light can be pole, post or wall mounted.
  • Automatically illuminate at dusk at 30% brightness and revert to 100% brightness when motion is detected.
  • Zero light pollution. All SMD/LEDs have a color temperature of 6000-6500k. Color of light output is white.
  • Their large lumen output makes these the most powerful LED motion detector lights on the market.
  • The integrated solar street light has built-in charge control regulation with over-charge and discharge protection.

Easy to install

Step 01. Tighten the screws         Step 02. Turn on the switch        Step 03. Finished

Popular Uses

This solar street light fixture is perfect for so many settings: small streets, parking lots, open areas, playgrounds, parks, HOAs, residential yards, walkways, driveways, etc.
They also provide general as well as security lighting for commercial buildings.




Each compact, self-contained solar street light has a discrete solar panel installed on top, a lithium battery and MPPT controller installed inside, and on the unit’s underside, there is a cluster of powerful white SMD/LEDs  and an intelligent motion sensor.


Intelligent motion sensor

With the smart motion sensor, it switches to full brightness mode when detects activity within the light, and when the area is free of activity it will revert back to its ambient mode at approximately 1/3rd power.
Motion sensor detection range (at ground level) is up to 20′ forward and with a 90 degree detection spread, up to 13′  left/right. The detection range will vary depending upon a few factors including fixture mounting height, local ambient temperature etc.


  • Short support arm and mounting bracket are included. Easy installation onto a round pole.
  • The clamp/bracket can be attached to a round pole of 2″ and up to 3.5″ diameter.
  • They can also be fitted to a square post or to a solid vertical surface such as a wall or side of a building.
  • The ‘U’ section of the clamp is removable to allow for direct surface mounting.
  • Anti-tamper (theft resistant) stainless steel hardware and anti-tamper bolt install/release tools are included.