GES GROUP LIMITED, located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, is one of the first manufacturers to specialize in solar products. As a leading solar product manufacturer, we are one of the key government-supported, hi-tech enterprises in the city of Shenzhen.

GES solar products are widely used to power undeveloped and remote areas where electricity is in short supply. Wherever there is sun but no power, GES is a great choice to light up your life.

  • GES GROUP LIMITED has been manufacturing solar street lights since 2006.
  • We have professional teams covering R&D, sales, and after-sales service.
  • All aspects of production follow strict quality-control rules, and we ensure that all products are 100% inspected before shipment.
  • GES products have been certified by authorized labs for safety and environmental standards, including CE, ROHS, and IP65 certifications.
  • GES is experienced with ODM & OEM and would be happy to work with customers to create personalized products; all new ideas are welcome here.

engeering team solar street light

We have a powerful R&D and engineer team, that offer exceptional products and technical supports.

  • Lighting designs (Dialux Simulations) can be offered according to projects’ requirements.
  • New lights can be customized based on clients’ requirements.
  • Professional technical supports and advice can be provided.


We have our own solar panel and battery assembling workshops.

The solar panel and battery only for our own solar lights, in this way we can control the quality better.

We brought in 2 laminator machines, 1 string welder machine, 1 solar panel battery chip cutting machine and one whole battery packing line.

slicer machine 02

Solar cells slicer, this machine will cut the solar cells to the suitable sizes.

String Welder 02

String welder, it makes all small the solar cells connected together, high efficiency.


Laminator machine, the solar panel will be finished after putting this machine 12 minutes.

battery machines

The left machine sticks positive and negative insulating sheets to the battery cells. The right machine is battery cell sorter, the cells with the same voltage will be selected to make up the battery. Higher efficiency, more stable and longer life.

Battery packing machine

The left one is the Automatic spot welder machine. It assembles the cells to a single battery. The right one is the Vacuum packaging machine. The battery will be wrapped by 3 layers waterproof materials and packed by this machine.

Battery protect board machine

This machine puts the protection board for the batteries, the protection board offer Overcharge, Over discharge, Overcurrent and short circuit protections. So that the batteries have more stable performance and longer life span.

Integrating sphere

Integrating sphere: Test the performance parameters of the LED. Like luminous flux, color temperature, light efficiency and so on.

Battery testing

Battery testing station: Test the charging-discharging cycles, the effeciency and other performance of the cells.

Vibration tester

Vibration tester: test vibration grade of the solar lamps can stand, make sure the lights not to be damaged during shipping.

Quality Control

We have very strick quality control rules:

  • Each production step must follow standard operating procedure manual.
  • All the materials and parts will 100% full check before sending to production lines.
  • All the batteries and controllers need to pass 48 hours aging test.
  • Finished Solar street lights need to do 2 days outdoor charging tests and 2 nights discharging tests before packing.
operating procedure
tests stations

Testing stations

Aging tests of LED and controller, battery

Aging tests for battery, LED and controller.

Outdoor charging discharging tests

Charging-discharging tests

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Solar street light
Solar lantern, camping lantern, solar light, solar lamp,courtyard light

Integrated Solar Street Light Projects

Solar lantern, camping lantern, solar light, solar lamp,courtyard light
Solar lantern, camping lantern, solar light, solar lamp,courtyard light
Solar lantern, camping lantern, solar light, solar lamp,courtyard light

With excellent products and services, we have gained many partners from around the world (North America, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia…)

We welcome you to contact us—hopefully it will just be the start of a long-term partnership!